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January 2018


Dear NECC Family,


Three words to sum up 2017? - "Y’all are crazy!"


As you know, 2016 was a potentially dangerous year for us as we navigated a senior leadership transition. But y’all stepped-up and literally shattered every goal, broke every record, and blew-up all our expectations. We didn’t think it could get any better… but then 2017 happened and we did it again! Thank you for serving and funding the vision of NECC to redefine “church” around the love of Jesus one small act of great love at a time.


I gave my life to local-church ministry because I love to preach, but I’ve come to realize that a sermon and a weekend service only make a church great for about an hour every week… and sometimes the sermons aren’t all that great! YOU make the church great! 24/7! Each and every day!


So, let’s keep proving to the world our God is worthy of their trust by growing ours. Our potential as a church to eternally change lives will always be tied to our willingness to sacrifice for Jesus! Let’s make history in 2018. Commit with me to serve more, give big, and love like it’s what you’re made of. Let’s never tire of being and building Jesus’ church!

Be bold! Love big! Stay faithful! Pray often!

Tyler McKenzie




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